I’m coming out (so ya better get this party started)

Dear All,

As I have just announced, I am starting a public-facing blog at long, long last.  Despite being a writer and choosing a theme close to my heart and personal experience, I am terrified.

Oddly enough, my greatest fear is not going public with the fact that I am in recovery, and plan to write about it.  It is showing the world that I am a born writer with a somewhat loose grasp on grammar and punctuation.  I have relied heavily over the years on my cohort brilliant editors and staunch grammarians, several of whom are my Facebook friends and will get seriously twitchy (if not indignant) at what will inevitably be rookie mistakes.

Professional writing tip:  when in doubt, use an em dash—they come in very handy when you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.

There, that’s off my chest.  I am OUT!

Now, down to the real reason I am starting this blog.  I have a book in me that is about to come out despite my best efforts to never ever be truly successful in my areas of God-given talent. If you don’t buy the ticket, you can’t win the lottery…but you can’t lose either. Capiche?

But something changed when I went to the Hay House writers workshop last year (in Maui!).  I called my own bluff, swallowed a huge lump of terror, and came out ready to write and submit my book proposal to the annual Hay House publishing contest.

At the workshop, I got a strong message that I don’t have to do this alone. So, I came home and hired a literary agency to coach me through and edit my proposal.  We’re almost done (draft 3 is in the line-edit round) and it should be submitted by mid-December.   Honestly, I have been terrified every step of the way. But also, I have been liberated, layer by layer, from the paralysis that has kept me working marketing and content jobs my entire career (so as to use my skills for profit, but not really taking a risk).

The proposal service cost a pretty penny, but it has been worth every single cent.  My editor is amazing. She has kept me on track, taught me how to create a compelling and thorough proposal, and is taking the burden of self-editing off my shoulders!  It’s like a master class in proposal writing.  More amazing to me is that I have really enjoyed the process, instead of focusing on the fear and excitement of the looming deadline.

Anyhoo, about the blog.  In honor of the book proposal, I am starting to “build a platform” so that when the book is published, I have some means of promoting it.  Scary, kind of capitalistic and annoying, but apparently necessary.

In future posts, I will share more about the book.  In the mean time, I will start to share my experience, strength and hope to the best of my ability.  I will also share my fears, questions, and conundrums in hopes we can start a dialog about recovery of all flavors.

Thank you, friends, for your support as I emerge out of anonymity (just a bit) and into the light of potentiality—where I hope, beyond all else, to be of service.



P.S. my blog is called Recovering Humans, because aren’t we all just?



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  1. Love this. I feel your fear – for me it’s BOTH – the coming out as an alcoholic in recovery, and the “coming out” as a HR Director who has always been a closet writer. 😏 For me, I think it’s the risk of public failure that makes it feel scary, but I’m also learning that personal growth necessitates some discomfort. Party on. 🎉

  2. Tracy!! You won’t believe this, but we are on the SAME path exactly. I attended the Hay House Writer’s Conference in Orlando, and am getting ready to start my book proposal. Get this — I worked as an editor for years because I never got up the nerve to apply for a writing job. I was an editor WITHOUT A FIRM GRASP OF GRAMMAR! I was always having to compensate for having a right brain view of a left brain profession. And the wine didn’t really help.
    I look forward to watching you build your platform. I’ll see if I can find your Facebook page to ‘like,’ although I am not a social media person at all. Are you lining up your many speaking engagements yet? (ha ha!)

  3. I will look forward to reading what I’m sure will be a new look into your soul as many of the old deep conversations we had many years ago

      1. Life was not as complicated by any means. We may not have known much of anything but I beleive that may have made things simpler.

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